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Food Processor Parts you should konw

Posted by Gertrude K Lafountain

It can be utilized for cutting, mixing, blending, grinding, slashing, get ready mixture among numerous other critical undertakings. Yet, while this convenient apparatus is anything but difficult to utilize, it's worked of a progression of complex parts that cooperate to finish specific goals. Here's a reference book of food processor parts.


The dish is the biggest part of any food processor, this is the place food is put and handled. Much of the time the dish is straightforward so you can see the food inside. The dish additionally gives a measure of security by forestalling conceivable contact with the turning edges. Some dishes accompany a handle.food processor dish


There are a few sorts of edges in a food processor. These are generally made of stainless steel and an elastic seal ring known as the gasket.food processor Blades

Slashing Blade

This part is intended to slash, beat, mince and blend food. It is generally made of astounding stainless steel blades.Chopping Blade

Citrus Press

It is utilized to get ready juices from citrus organic products, for example, oranges and lemons.Citrus Press


The food processor's dials or catches are utilized to control the component. These incorporate a standard on/off switch alongside different force, mode and pace settings. Full computerized controls are very normal nowadays.Controls


The part of this part is to secure the food processor while in storage.Cover

Dry Grinding Jar

This is an extraordinary jug that elements a sharp edge which is utilized to create dry flours. This part ought to be utilized sparingly as it tends to warm up the engine truly quick.

Dry Grinding Jar

Mixture Maker Attachment

This is a piece of the mixture creator usefulness of the food processor. Its part is to get ready mixture from flour.

Mixture Maker Attachment


For the food processor to perform its parts a couple supplements are required. These are generally connected on the engine's axle. Case of additions include: slicers, graters, shredders and choppers.



Otherwise called the blender jolt, this frill is utilized to mix hot or frosty fluids. It can likewise be utilized to pound ice cubes.blender container

Locking Collar Ring

This segment keeps the dish or container from pivoting while the engine turns the sharp edges inside.

Engine Spindle

This is the "spinal line" of the food processor as it is the place different plates and embeds are connected to empower the machine to perform particular tasks.Motor Spindle

Engine Assembly

The base of a food processor contains the engine get together and the inside force supply. Ordinarily, there is a line associating this part to an electrical outlet. Some food processor models accompany an exceptional circuit which is intended to shield the engine framework from a potential electric surge. The engine get together drives the axle which then drives the attachments.Motor Assembly

Destroying Disk

This circle is for the most part used to shred organic products, cheddar and vegetables.Shredding Disk

Cutting Disks

These circles assume a helpful part in delivering medium to finely cut foods and solidified meats.Slicing Disks

Slip-Proof Feet

Most food processors have these uncommon feet that anticipate development amid use. This part likewise spares tables and ledges from conceivable harm when the apparatus is in use.Slip-Proof Feet

Speed Settings

The processor can work at various velocities to handle distinctive sorts of foods. The rate settings handle is the part used to make speed adjustments.Speed Settings

Wet Grinding Jar

This is the container that best granulates wet foods to make dark grams, rice and the preferences.

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